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Looking for a speaker for your event or a guest writer for your blog, website or newspaper? Are you planning a conference and need help making sure its inclusive?

I am currently available to speak at conferences and panels about programming, diversity, self care and mental health issues. Diversity and mental health should not be taboo subjects in the tech sector and I’d be happy to speak at regular tech-based conferences as well as specifically diversity themed events.

I’m also currently taking on guest blogging roles on similar topics. I would love to help educate people particularly about transgender and non-binary issues, not just in the tech sector, but in society as a whole. I’m also looking to write about the process of developing software for use in third world countries.

If you are having a conference or event and it’s important to you to make it welcoming and inclusive of all types of people, it’s important to me to help you achieve that. I am willing to do diversity consulting with any conference organizers to help design your code of conduct and your amenities to make sure none of your guests feel alienated or marginalized.

Email me at jameybash@gmail.com
I’m passionate about advocacy and looking forward to taking on new work!