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Jameson Hampton is an experienced writer in the realms of fiction and nonfiction alike. They are an ENnie winner for their work on Uncaged: Vol 3, which was the 2020 Silver Winner for Best Electronic Book. They’re also a Eisner winner for their work at Women Write About Comics, which won Best Comics-Related Periodical/Journalism in 2020. They have had comics in several anthologies, and their poetry and short fiction has been published in a variety of lit mags. They also have bylines with the Huffington Post and InStyle.


“The Dweller on the Horizon”
Written by Jameson Hampton & illustrated by Matt H. Taylor
Published in the Why Faith? Anthology by Arcane Inkdustries

“The Updrafters”
Written by Jameson Hampton & illustrated by Melissa Capriglione
Published in the Life Finds A Way Anthology by Cloudscape Comics

Tabletop Gaming

“The Necromancer’s Brother”
Published in the Uncaged Anthology, Volume III
Silver ENnie Winner, 2020

Other Fiction

“Without the Moon”
Short fiction, ~2600 words
Published by Prismatica Magazine
Best of the Net Nominee, 2020


Queer Issues

“The Truth About The Struggle I Have With My Body As A Transmasculine Person”
Published by the Huffington Post, 2/26/2018

“What I Wish I Knew Before I Had Top Surgery”
Published by the Huffington Post, 7/25/2019

“Hair That Comes Out For You”
Published by InStyle, 8/9/2018

Comics Journalism

“Questioning Chelsea Cain’s Feminist Agenda”
Published by WWAC, 6/10/2019

“Young Love is Perfectly Baked in Bloom”
Published by WWAC, 3/1/2019

“Doctor Aphra #1: May The Curse Be With You”
Published by WWAC, 6/23/2020

“Winter’s Teeth #1 Enters Vampire the Masquerade’s World of Darkness”
Published by WWAC, 8/18/2020

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Games Journalism

“Where Were You During The LARP In Question?: A Vampire: the Masquerade Night to Remember”
Published by Sidequest, 12/24/2018

“Finding a Friend in Tabikaeru”
Published by Sidequest, 6/7/2018

“Jackalope’s “Cyberpunk: Night City” Made Me Cry Real (in Character) Tears”
Published by Sidequest, 7/18/2019

“How Playing Notpron In 2005 Helped My Programming Career In 2017”
Published by Sidequest, 3/9/2020

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