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Finding a Friend in Tabikaeru

June 9, 2018 Jamey Alea 0 Comments

Tabikaeru—or “Journey Frog” in English—is the newest mobile game from Hit-Point, the creators of popular cat collector Neko Atsume. But even before I downloaded it, I suspected it would be more than just another phone game. Neko Atsume had been helpful for me, providing brief moments of refuge when my anxiety otherwise threatened to overwhelm me. “I just want to check my cats real fast,” was often my mantra, giving me an excuse to take out my phone for a few minutes and use that time to calm down, regroup. Journey Frog looked even quieter, even more meditative.

Read the whole article on Sidequest! At it’s heart, I think Tabikaeru is a game about traveling and friendship. Playing it was a cathartic experience in some ways and I’m happy I was able to have a chance to write about the way it made space for me to meditate on my own travels and friendships.

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