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“Uncaged” Accolades!

September 21, 2020 Jamey Alea 0 Comments

My involvement with the Uncaged Anthology has been the gift that just keeps on giving. Like, the pleasure of working with Ashley Warren and being part of such a cool project would have been gift enough. But it turns out that I’m not the only person who loves Uncaged, and a few very cool things have happened to me recently because of it!

First thing’s first. In the 2020 ENnie Awards, Uncaged vol. 3 (the volume I was a part of) had not just the honor of being nominated, but also the enormous honor of winning the silver award for Best Electronic Book. (Yes, you can even see my name there on the ENnie website!) I honestly can’t tell you how excited and honored I am to be a part of this. I was thrilled even when Uncaged vol. 1 was nominated for a 2019 ENnie, even though my module wasn’t in that volume! And now! They sent me a medal in the mail! I literally can’t believe it ahhhhhh

But like, holy shit, am I right???

On a more personal level, there is a very cool D&D let’s play podcast called Threeflings which has been playing through various Uncaged modules, and last month, they played my module, “The Necromancer’s Brother.” Which is ENORMOUSLY EXCITING for me personally. Getting to experience a real D&D party have fun interacting with my NPCs and solving my puzzles was truly one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me as a writer. (Honestly listening to 4 people on the internet talk about Julian Alabaster for five hours is one of the more self-indulgent things I’ve ever gotten to do in my life and I’m just delighted about it.) “The Necromancer’s Brother” is actually the first module they split into two episodes, and both of them are truly delightful. I am so blessed.

But seriously, I do feel blessed to be part of the Uncaged project. If you feel inspired, definitely pick up (ENnie-award winning!) volume III, or if you want the whole Uncaged experience, now that all four volumes are out, you can get them as a bundle! There are so many amazing modules in these books, I can’t recommend them enough!

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